Police Department

The Officers of the Kemp Police Department shall seek to provide first-class public safety services for our community:

  • While Maintaining the highest level of ethics, integrity, and accountability to the law abiding citizens and stakeholders of Kemp
  • Through fair and impartial enforcement of the law
  • While working in partnership with all segments of our community in proactive efforts to reduce crime and address conditions that may foster the fear of crime
Open Records Request
To obtain information on how to get a copy of a police report, please call 903-498-8600 or email kemppd@cityofkemp.org.
Click HERE to download request.

Police Reports

$10.00 per report police report request
$15.00 hourly fee will be applied for voluminous requests

Accident Reports $10.00 fee per report
Finger prints $10.00 fee per Print Card
Body Worn Camera Footage

$10.00 per recording
$1.00 per minute of body camera footage per recording.
Please note voluminous requests for body worn camera footage can take up to 21 business days upon receiving the request or opinion by Attorney General's office

Dash Camera Footage $10.00 flat fee


To submit a complaint against a Kemp Police Officer, you MUST fill out the required complaint form and have notarized. You can submit the completed forms to kemppd@cityofkemp.org, or you may mail it to: Kemp Police Department, P.O. Box 449, Kemp, Texas, 75143.
Click HERE to download form.